Encouraging Robust Buildings With Air Duct Cleaning

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Heating and cooling systems are an integral part of every building. They pull the air in and push the same out through the vents. If working properly, the whole system can protect against indoor air pollution; however, if the ducts are not cleaned, it can result in various health issues for the people living there.

According to some experts, it has been found out that on average, people spend 80% of their time staying indoors. We can say that building the environment plays a major role in our daily lives, hence we need to pay utmost attention to the air quality and ventilation at work as well as at home ensuring that it must be proper.

At work

Air quality at the workplace is a matter of concern these days and is indeed for a good reason. The poor quality of air at the workplace can affect comfort, health, and productivity of employees.

At home

Most of the buildings or homes these days are built airtight to reduce air leaks and improve the efficiency of energy. However, the major drawback of this system is; no entry for fresh air at home. According to the air duct cleaner association, people are being educated by telling them the advantages of air duct cleaning Orlando. Apart from this, they also suggest the building owners provide sufficient space for the air ventilation in each building as every individual is contributing a great deal of contaminants through cleaning products, hair sprays, cooking oils and many more.

Possible symptoms of Indoor air pollution

The most common symptoms include fatigue, irritation in eyes, nose, headache, and nausea. All these symptoms can be observed easily in seniors and young children than a person of another age.

Common things that contribute to poor indoor air quality include Mold, pets, Poor ventilation, Chemicals, and organic compounds.

Potential solutions

Stopping smoking in the office or at home can minimize air pollution. A single cigarette comprises of more than 4000 chemicals, which bolster the risk of cancer and asthma among the younger generation. This can even lead to infant death syndrome if the same chemical gets circulated through the HVAC system.

Clean Air Ducts: Proper cleaning of coils and air ducts at the office or home buildings is recommended by the NADCA. It will be proven beneficial for the people engaged in the building. Cleaning of air ducts will not only reduce the symptoms of air pollution but will also increase the energy efficiency by reducing the energy required for filtering the indoor air and maintain required temperatures.

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